Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 1995 (Hindi)

Wealthy widower Dharamvir Malhotra is settled in London, U.K. with his only son, Raj who is spoiled to say the least, attends party and drinks beer as part of his recreational activities. One day his pranks get him into trouble when he steals beer from a shop-keeper but manage to handle his situation. On a trip he gets to meet the beautiful Simran Singh and after a few misunderstandings both falls in love with each other but Simran's father, Chaudhry Baldev Singh has other plans for her to marry Kuljeet, Baldev's childhood friend son, to which Simran agree, and they travels to Punjab in India to make this a success. Raj finds out there address, create a devious plan with Simran's help and is all set to win Baldev's heart and asks for his daughter's hand in marriage but before this could happen Kuljeet's sister, Preeti falls in love with Raj and the family has had there marriage set. But what Raj does not know is that Baldev is the shop-keeper of whom he had stolen beer from his London store and that he will never accept Raj as Preeti's husband leave alone Simran.

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